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Ranch Game Breeders is situated on The Ranch Conservancy, a 1000-hectare private bushveld oasis tucked away in the sacred lands of the Limpopo Province, South Africa.

The Ranch Conservancy was established in 2008 by Tom Shearer, an avid hotelier and conservationist with a keen eye for investment potential. Tom passed these qualities down his two sons, Ryan and Paul, who have since taken their place as the 3rd generation of Shearers to uphold the family tradition for wildlife, tourism, conservation and preservation of rare and endangered species.

The Ranch Game Breeders all began with a small heard of Sable, 8 cows and a 49 and 7/8 inch bull called Lord of the Rings, who remains our signature Sable breeding bull to this day. From then on, Golden Wildebeest and Black Impala, Tsessbebe and Nyala were introduced onto the Conservancy.

In 2015, Jack Brotherton and Kenneth Collins partnered with the Ranch Game Breeders which led to the addition of Roan antelope and Clean Buffalo species. The roan herd is off to a great start with a 32 inch bull named Maverick.

The aim of The Ranch Game Breeders is to create a sustainable breeding project that produces animals of exceptional quality and genetics which will appeal to all the market segments.

The Team

Tom Shearer
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Ryan Shearer
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Paul Shearer
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Kenneth Collins
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Jack Brotherton
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