Specialising in the breeding of rare game species with the aim of conserving natures finest for generations to come.

The beauty of this vision is that in time, more and more people will become invested in the concept of wildlife conservation, both financially and emotionally, creating a strong economy for the country while simultaneously preserving Africa’s endangered.

Ranch Game Breeders all began with a small heard of Sable, 8 cows and a 49 and 7/8 inch bull called Lord of the Rings, whom remains our signature Sable breeding bull to this day. From then on, Golden Wildebeest and Black Impala were introduced onto the Conservancy.

In 2015, Jack Brotherton and Kenneth Collins partnered with the Ranch Game breeders. This led to the addition of the Roan and Clean Buffalo species.

Accessible by air and situated only 25 km south of Polokwane on the N1/101 highway, there is no excuse to not get involved in this innovative initiative. Visit www.theranch.co.za to book your stay and come and see what we have to offer.

Conserving tomorrow, today.

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